Truck Dealership

Company Overview

Truck Dealership - $200 million franchised truck dealership with more than 7 locations selling and servicing new and used tractors and trucks in addition to related parts and accessories.
Engagement Overview
  • During the early 2000's, the Company and industry experienced a 20% decline in new truck demand resulting in negative gross profit for two quarters.

  • Simultaneously, the Company faced issues implementing a new computer system.

  • The combined impact resulted in a mid seven figure loss for the year.

  • Fort Dearborn assisted in the strategic planning process, identifying immediate and long term goals and the necessary action steps to achieve them.

  • The industry experienced another major decline in demand, but the Company had maintained the improved gross profit margins, continued to control costs and has returned to positive debt service coverage.

  • Assisted the company in $1.6 million in expense reductions.

  • Assisted in improving labor and parts pricing resulting in $1 million of profit enhancement.

  • Accelerated a $1 million income tax refund.