Distributor to Convenience Stores

Company Overview

Distributor to Convenience Stores - an industry leading wholesale distributor of various products to convenience stores, drug stores and other mass merchandisers retained Fort Dearborn as financial advisor to assist with all aspects of an acquisition.

Engagement Overview

Fort Dearborn advised management though all aspects of the acquisition, including:

•  Determining initial valuation range
•  Determining return on equity
•  Identifying potential synergies
•  Developing plans of integration
•  Identifying risks such as employee matters, post-transaction expectations with management, loss of customers, risk of margin loss, etc.
•  Proposing appropriate deal structure to achieve Seller’s and Buyer’s tax planning objectives
•  Assessing capital requirements to integrate target’s operations
•  Preparing initial indications of interest and preparing and negotiating letters of intent (LOI’s)
•  Assessing Quality of Earnings (QOE)
•  Other due diligence services
•  Assisted management in preparing plan to finalize post-transaction working capital adjustment

The Company completed a successful purchase of substantially all of the assets of a west-coast based company.