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Commercial Printer

Company Overview

Commercial Printer - A commercial printer with revenues of $26 million operating out of two facilities in the Midwest.
Engagement Overview
•  FDP was engaged to perform an operational review of the printer.

•  FDP’s review and analyses included:
•  An overview of the current state of the printing industry
•  An overview of the sheeter-based operations versus the in-line operations
•  A review of each facility’s capabilities and constraints
•  A review of  the personnel and printing equipment in each facility

•  Worked closely with management to prioritize strategic initiatives and develop tactics to improve profitability:
•  Assisted management in identifying duplicate operating and personnel costs as a result of operating two facilities
•  Developed a strategic plan and timeline to consolidate their operations into one facility
•  Assisted management in preparing for negotiations with their union
•  Assisted management in preparing for and executing a significant reduction in force
•  Determined that management should consolidate one plant into another facility and close down the other plant’s operations.

•  Estimated that the consolidation of the facilities would result in annual savings of approximately $2 million.

•  Consolidating facilities enabled the Company to install a new press with in-line finishing capabilities.